change management

Change management is neither the bogey man nor the white elephant in the corner. Change management, digital transformation and a host of other popular business terms are simply monikers for conducting your business more effectively. Transformation is change, and change is normally for the better. Planned change is even better again. This is our area of expertise. We listen to you, we try and understand your pain points, then we return with a proposal to make it better. We have learned all this stuff so you don’t have to, it’s more effective that way. Remember effectiveness is what we are selling.

Are you drowning in a sea of data?

Drowning in a sea of data while dying of thirst for knowledge. Does this sound familiar to you? Think of all the data available to you in your business today. From your customers, competitors, suppliers, wannabe suppliers, your processes and not to mention social networking and the web. No wonder we have too many KPIs, KRAs, Measures of Success etc. What data can you best use to convert to Information, Knowledge and ultimately, Wisdom?

Deafened by the voice of the customer?

The customer is always right as long as they are aware of their needs not just their wants.  Why not add everlasting value for your customer by a better understanding of their needs. But not just their ‘known needs’ more importantly their ‘unknown needs’ or ‘hidden needs’. Use cutting edge models and techniques to identify both needs. Then taking that data and converting it into an actionable strategy to create a daily action that adds customer value.

 Need to focus on priorities?

It is not possible to do everything, all the time, for everyone. Everyone has different priorities and they are dynamic. We all must be agile in an ever changing environment. Whether it’s your business transformation, strategy building, product development, project management, problem solving or resource utilisation, always remember prioritisation is the key. Learn to apply some prioritisation tools to streamline the return from your efforts.

 Don’t know enough about future mega trends?

Do you consider yourself a ‘Kodak’ or an ‘Apple’ type company? You need to have an idea of the Mega Trends coming down the track. You don’t necessarily have to understand them but you do need awareness in your competitive environment to survive. This is particularly relevant in today’s fast changing technological and web driven culture. What do you need to be providing for your customer in 30 years’ time?  Be the standard setter not the follower.

What are my next steps?


I have a pretty good idea what needs to change. I just need a hand with planning and implementation.


I just need a little help to progress me further along the road and help me plot the course.


I know my organisation needs to change but I want to brush on my skills before I bring it to the table.

Still not sure?

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“Change is only to be embraced, when it is well led, clearly defined and properly supported”  Derek Binchy 2017