We are a training and consultancy academy based in Cork. We provide specialist solutions to enable you to continuously improve and sustain your business. We achieve this through enhanced leadership, team building and process improvement. Our team has over three decades of international experience in multiple sectors. We specialize in strategy development and deployment, leadership skills, business performance improvement and business management.  Consultancy and training is how we delivery our promise.  We use Lean Six Sigma and other cutting edge methodologies to improve your business.

What about Spike Academy makes us unique? Take this wealth of experience and academia devoted to your team, put it on your own private island and you have a recipe for success. Our experiential learning takes you out of the classroom and into our purpose built outdoor environment. The island mentality alone funnels your team into focused results. Effectiveness and deployability is the foundation for everything we do.

Meet the Team

Peter Kelly

About Peter

Peter Kelly is our master black belt in Lean Six Sigma. He has extensive experience in Business Transformation, Lean Implementation, Training & Coaching, Procurement, Operations and Project Management. With 30 years multinational experience in a range of industries spanning Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Automotive, Electronics and Public Service.

Stephen Tabb

about stephen-tabb

Stephen Tabb is coordinator for professional development and team sports development at Spike Academy. Stephen utilities key skills and attributes developed in his military career to successfully guide the Spike Academy experience. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Limerick where he received a BSC in exercise and health fitness. Following on from this Stephen completed a MBA in HRM. Stephen is also an active member of CIPD where he continues his professional development.

Derek Binchy

about Derek Binchy

At the heart of my professional experience lies efficient and effective management, attention to detail and following goals through to fruition.
My goal is to add processes to passion helping companies work seamlessly with their client base. Specialties: Developing strategic plans, that encompass every aspect of business partnerships in established and developing markets.

Meet our Associates